Her closure

She was the maiden in her own disaster Always dreaming big but being told to be practical, She was unique but afraid of being different than the others, She was free, but her father always reminded her to stay within her limits, ‘Don’t change yourself for others’, her mother always told her, ‘Do it because […]

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We are perfect. Perfect for each other, Perfect for one another, Perfect when we complete each other’s sentence, Perfect when we split the bill after dinner, Perfect when we jam to every G-eazy song, Perfect when I wear your sweater, Perfect when we take a picture, Perfect when we have lameass corny inside jokes, Perfect […]

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Dear Nostalgic Parents

Times have changed, we’re not the same. Your favourite repeated phrase ‘when I was your age’ echoes everywhere, It’s different now, life is more virtual now, Letting go of that skipping rope because there is a better connection with our phones now. I’m sorry if I seem antisocial to you, but on my social media, […]

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Dear confidence

How are you? How have you been? WHERE, have you been? I haven’t seen you in a while, it’s just that I’ve been so busy, you know, going with the flow. But maybe we should go grab a cup of coffee sometimes, so I can let you know that I’m sorry. I’m sorry for not […]

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Youthful Timeline

It was at the age of nine when she looked differently upon herself, She was only nine when she saw herself in a different light, a light that is dimmer. she was only nine years old when her insecurities started to stack up, ¬†while her self confidence started to break down. It was at the […]

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Acne struggles;

Having acne is an emotional journey. Sometimes you might breakdown by seeing yourself in the mirror, trying to avoid your reflection just so you don’t have to see your ‘flawed’ skin. You hate it when people look all around your face rather than your eyes when they speak to you, maybe you’re just overthinking it, […]

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