Empty thoughts;

Living in a world where pessimistic thoughts blinds your view of the broader reality,

Where perspectives and claims are made from the fake news provided from the scrolls of pages present in your news feed,

Where opinions are only loud on the comments section of virtual reality that has become the best form of reality in this generation,

Where the portrayal of poverty and scarcity has become a blasé thought of injustice that’s just become a regular current news,

Where accessibility to water and education has been a sign of privilege that is given to us with luck,

Where emotions and thoughts can’t be understood by people around us unless sent by a little bird flying across our world.

Where a variety of characters are provided to us behind the screens to portray only the best version of yourself,

Where empathy is created within us from the reality of war zone countries but diverted easily by a scandal of the celebrities,

Where relationships seem to always be a thin strand of nothing bonded together with the forces of tinder,

Where the idea of beauty constantly changes from skinny to thick, thigh gaps to pulp lips and a constant flawless skin,

Where not wearing any makeup is a portrayal of not being presentable but if wearing any is a sign of hidden insecurities,

Where the lack of showcasing of emotions is the standards for masculinity.

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