4-7-8 breathing;

4-7-8 breathing;
A technique recommended by my doctor to help me calm down.
Inhale through your nose for four seconds,
Hold for seven,
Exhale through your mouth for eight,
And repeat.

In these 19 seconds I’m mentally paralysed but physically alright,
Unable to conquer my thoughts I find myself lost in a space between illusion and delusion,
Unable to see clearly I found my clarity,
I’m suffocating but it finally feels like I’m breathing,
I’m panicking but I can finally feel my heart beating,
Nothing seems to make sense in these 19 seconds,
My whole life seems to be a nightmare and these 19 seconds becomes my harsh reality,
Repeating this technique again,
I bought myself 19 more second of living.

4-7-8 breathing,
Am I even breathing?

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