Dear Nostalgic Parents

Times have changed, we’re not the same.
Your favourite repeated phrase ‘when I was your age’ echoes everywhere,
It’s different now, life is more virtual now,
Letting go of that skipping rope because there is a better connection with our phones now.

I’m sorry if I seem antisocial to you, but on my social media, my followers won’t justify your case.
I’m sorry if my priorities are different than they were before,
Stuff toys don’t appeal to me anymore,
Walks down the park don’t really satisfy me anymore,

I’m sorry if I don’t look up to you anymore but only bow down to my phone,
I’m sorry that I’d rather google than ask for your advise,
Sitting in front of the television seems more ideal than sitting across each other face to face.
Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook keeps me more entertained than me asking you ‘how was your day?’
My ideas aren’t creative now as the card I drew for you on your birthday when I was eight,
Pintrest inspires me now, but I have no originality now.

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